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Universal Table 2038 Clean up


Dec 13, 2002
Benicia California USA
So loved seeing Martin's parting out of a 2038. Thought i would share my little job at getting my 2038 cleaned up and ready for service.

These tables seem to collect quite a bit of swarf. Hides there, and is reluctant to leave..
Wanted to get my table (i only have one so need it to be OK) cleaned up and back into service.
Was originally going to remove the center section, the part that tilts, but the pivots were reluctant to come out, so i opted to clean everything with minimal disassembly....
Removed the table top, and both the tilt adjusting screws.
This allowed me to lift the center section to allow cleaning. Shop crane to the rescue, love that thing!


All clamp bolts removed and "T" slots cleaned.
Lots of simple green to flush the inner surfaces (draining can be seen in the drain pan in the background)

End result after lots of scrubbing, and a number of punctured fingertips (lots of little sharp points lurking there)


Reassemble, tram table and refit/set indicators.
Clean table rotary encoder, and reinstall table.


Cheers Ross
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No this machine came with the rigid right angle table.
It’s funny now, I don’t recall where I got that table. 😗
As a guess I am thinking I got it from Martin but can’t say for sure.
I bought and flipped another FP3NC (3150 rpm) that came out of the Livermore labs that had the 2038 table, but i already had this one at that time.
Table top is less than perfect. Some “Idiot” rash from a previous life.

Cheers Ross
No , that table was off an FP3A ( first generation)
That one has the mounting spacing that fits a manual machine , but has the “T” slots same as the NC’s
Still have that table.
Cheers Ross
When you transfer tables between Deckles, is the alignment always near perfect?
Would say that the fit up depends on the condition of the machine the table is mounted to.
Deckels tend to have their tables droop leaning down toward the front due to wear. Tables have a key that fits into one of the vertical table “T” slots which should be pretty repeatable.
Would think that rigid tables ( like the NCT 400) would have their mounting faces scraped to give a true surface to the “X/Y plane” on a given machine.
Cheers Ross