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Unusual Slocomb micrometer


Jul 6, 2023
Hi guys, I am in the process of restoring a 0-6” adjustable micrometer that I got at a car boot sale in the UK, the like of which I have never seen before, it’s made by J T Slocomb, however instead of a set of anvils to cover the range it has as can be seen in the photo a moveable anvil that can be locked at 1” intervals, I cannot find any information on this micrometer.
Can any of the Slocomb experts shed any light on this please?


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Don't know. I have a similar but smaller and older one. I do not believe the movable anvil is detented on mine.

Sounds like a one mic, several ranges type deal.

Crankshaft measuring was mentioned with regard to mine, FWIW,
I've seen a couple of depth micrometers that used a variation of that theme, with the "indexable" length adjustment rod passing through the micrometer head. It was a long-enough time ago that I don't remember any details beyond thinking that those micrometers were kissing cousins of the pointy-spindle micrometers used with Hilger & Watts and similar Communicating Water Levels.