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UPDATE on Machine Completion (Ref: I Need A Gear Made...)

Rees Acheson did the planing and all the scraping in. Really amazing job and an absolute pleasure to work with.
I added a gits oiler for the Idler gear oil hole in the front of the gear box - was that the spot you were referring?
Thank you. It runs even better than I hoped for. Super quiet. All the controls / movements - Compound, CF, Saddle etc are like glass. The spindle journals were in fabulous condition, and with new bronze bearings and shims the spindle lift is within spec (6 tenths). I have run a number of test bars and any taper is less than 7 tenths. Back lash on the CF is .0015 and the compound shows about the same. I installed a lot of NOS parts in it and was able to source a lot from various places that were in great shape.