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Uploading programs using NCnet Lite 7.0


Feb 24, 2023
I am back again looking for help. Just to catch anyone up, I am dealing with crap machines, tools, etc. Up until recently I was using Cimco to upload programs to machines. Something weird happened with the PC I was using and it just stopped working. For the past couple of months, I had to manually type programs into the machines, pretty brutal. Today they got me a new computer. I installed NCnet Lite 7.0 because it is free and I dont need anything complicated. I have to make due with what I got. Now I am trying to upload programs to my machine and I am having trouble. I set the Baudrate (4800) correctly, along with Stop bit(2). The only other thing I see on my machine is "control code" and the options for that are used and available. I have it on used as its always been. Other settings on NC Lite are "port number" I have com1, "Parity" I have it even, "data bits" I have it at 7, and "handshake" i have it on software. All of those were the defaults. I am using an adapter that goes from the usb on the computer to a db9, then that is connected to a db9 to rs232 which connects to my machine. What am I missing? Any suggestions on how to fix this?

Also the communication channel is "serial port" and its the only option available.