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[US - Texas - Austin] WTS 1.5HP Bridgeport 2J2 ($4,000) and McDougall 9" Engine Lathe ($2,500)

Mar 27, 2019
Have to relocate and it doesn't look like I'll be able to take them with me. Rather than seeing my beautiful machines take the southbound ride to get clapped out, I'd rather offer them to fellow members of the community.

The BP is a (230v 3-ph) 1.5 HP varihead with a 48" table. Comes with tooling and a standard no-name milling vise. Can also throw in a BP boring head for an extra $150.

The McDougall 9" is a great (110v) home lathe with all gears in great condition (no chipped or missing teeth). Includes 3 & 4-jaw chucks, face plate, steady rest, original lantern tool posts and as-yet uninstalled QCTP, as well as a wealth of tooling.

These machines would be great for pros looking for a home machine or a home gamer looking to get serious. Both machines are in the southwest Austin area.

Contact Info
Email: herpy(dot)mcderpster(at)gmail(dot)com
Cell: 512-SevenOneZero-NineZeroTwoZero


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Mar 27, 2019
It might need cleaning, but it's not worn out. The screws/ways/bearings/etc. are in good shape, it comes with a few hundred in tooling, and unlike the clapped out oilfield mills around here this has seen regular maintenance and upkeep. This is also a fair price, considering what comparable mills go for in the region (when you can find them).


Jan 25, 2005
Victoria, Texas, USA
Clean it up a bit and shine it up a lot. What's wrong with the head? Is the worn gear busted out that rotates the head around? Straighten it up and take some better pictures. Take some close up pictures of the ways on both sides of the saddle. Table looks to have may dings. No power feed on the table. A big minus. Present you ad better and you may get an offer for something closer to your asking price. Just trying to help here.
Mar 27, 2019
Hey, no worries. The head is just rotated though, no issues with the gear.

Unfortunately the table was dinged up by the previous owner, but she runs smoothly. I'll see about getting some additional pictures.

Rob F.

Aug 5, 2012
California, Central Coast
Spray some WD40 on all the bare metal, or even the entire thing, before the next pics. That will make it look as good as it can. I learned that from a guy selling anvils and other blacksmith tools, he always got top dollar for his stuff.
Think of it like washing your car that hasn't seen anything but dirt for 5 years, before you take pics to sell it.
Diesel in a pump sprayer will be cheaper than WD if that is easier.