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Use coolant system as parts washer?


Jan 9, 2013
Rochester, NY
Hello all,

I have an upcoming application where I'll be tasking a Mazak QT250 100% for a dry turning of cast iron application for the foreseeable future, at least 5 years. The coolant system is no longer going to be used during the cutting cycles, so I'm considering if I can use it creatively for other purposes.

These parts will need to go through a cleaning to remove debris, then a rust preventative application. The RP needs to go onto a warmed up part, which is traditionally done by puttin gthe part in a heated parts washer for a few minutes - cleaned and warmed in one go.

Can I skip the investment and floor space for a dedicated parts washer by using the coolant system? I'd have to add a heater loop to the coolant tank and consider the cycle time impact, but I'm looking to see if there would be any other downsides I can't think of to putting a nozzle "tool" into the turret and running a spraydown cycle at the end of the machining cycle. Even if it doesn't make sense to slow the cycle down enough to warm the part properly, it may make sense to wash the chips into the machine rather than into the heated parts washer, yeah?


Aug 27, 2002
West Unity, Ohio
That sounds like a terrible idea.


But you still have loads of chips in the conveyor.

The whole (or at least a big part) idea of running it dry is so that you don't git your chips turned back into cast iron blocks in the machine. If you was to then "wet" them via washer fluid in stead of coolant, what difference would that make?

Also, depending on how tight of tols you have, running a hot fluid through the machine would not seem a good idea.

AND, running abbrassive worsher fluid through your machine doesn't sound like a good idea either.
That powder will Shirley be suspended in the fluid for some time.

By all means, take that part out, blow as much off as you can, and THEN put it in the worsher!


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