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Using Fusion 360 for D4


Sep 28, 2002
Salinas, CA USA
I know some of you use Fusion 360 to design and generate code for your D4 Deckel mills. Have you found any limitations or needed to make changes to the D4 Post that is provided? Fusion 360 appears to make a few assumptions about the machine capabilities that are not correct for D4 (e.g. named geometries). Also, could not find any support in Fusion for polar coordinates, G9, etc, but I am a brand new user, it may be there.

I am using the personal edition of Fusion 360. The biggest limitation I have run into is that the personal edition only allows a single tool per operation when generating NC programs, so I can't mill, spot, drill, counterbore and chamfer in one program, need to generate 5 programs and use a text editor to combine them, but that is a small problem considering the product is free.

I sent you my old D4 post, which I had modified to fix a couple issues, now forgotten. I found the most effective way to use Fusion with D4 was to ensure "Smoothing" was turned on and use "Compensation in the Control" while limiting myself to 2D Contour operations. I would post the g-code and then extract the portion of the code between and including the G41 and G40 blocks and paste the portion into manual code. I did it this way because the posted code outside of the G41/G40 compensated motion was highly inefficient and choked the control such that it stuttered and paused, leading to rubs and gouges. I found D4 was much better at handling motion while tool radius compensation was active (i.e., with G41) than without. The D4 post did not output G9 polar code; only G2 and G3 cartesian code.

Happy New Year!

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Thanks Rich, post received. I'll look at it tomorrow and see how it compares. I also found a post in the CAD CAM forum with some mods to the Fusion 360 D4 post to support periodic lube cycles.

Happy New Year!

Here's the post I'm using now, see if you can download it and rename it to .cps
I last worked on it almost 2 years ago, I don't remember all the changes I made from the sample D4 post. Some are just about toolchanges, like lowering the table and bringing the head out in Y-. Others were about the speed and feed differences, my machine is an FP7NC which is much slower and has a variable spindle drive. I remember the stock post working surprisingly well.

I need to add multiple axis function to my post to be able to use the horizontal spindle and the rotary axis, it's said to be simple on the postprocessor forum but I haven't gotten to that yet because I haven't urgently needed it yet, I'd appreciate if anyone doing it would share their work.

I can echo what rklopp said about using smoothing, and I usually use a large accuracy number to reduce file size and speed up processing in the control. I haven't done 3D contouring.


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