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Using USFCR for government work as a small shop?


Sep 1, 2018

If this is against the rules or has already been talked about, please forgive me. I am looking to continue growing as a company, and My main source of work is somewhat unreliable in the last few months. One minute we are slammed busy with no end in sight, the next minute we are twiddling our thumbs trying to find $700-2000 dollar jobs. As an owner, I am actually in a pretty good financial situation, so there are no worries there. However, I am just curious if anyone has used USFCR as a means of finding work and small- medium government contracts for job shop type of work? I am assuming they do the leg work of setting up NAIC codes, etc.

Just curious if anyone has actually done it and if it is worth it or not. Something tells me there may be some extremely competitive price shopping going on there, but I don't know. Anyone with some insight would be greatly appreciated.



Oct 22, 2014
They appear to be a middleman who doesn't add value. The feds post contracts on SAM.gov. You need to be set up in SAM to get the work. I'm not sure what USFCR is adding here. Your local PTAC is DoD funded to help you set up your SAM registration for free. There have been a number of threads on this.