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Van norman 1v


Oct 20, 2009
I bought a old vice for my mill.The add said it was a Jones&Shipman.I needed vice to do a job that was a little to large for my 5" vice,.I was going to do the job and then recondition the vice ,If it is a J&S it would be worth restoring.When vice arrived the jaws were missing and I don not think that it a J&S as it has metric threads.I cannot find makers name on it.Please if anyone can help me identify vice.I would like to try get my money back from this e-bay thief.I have pictures on photobucket.I will try attach photo here to. Thank you regards Phil
Pictures by carphil13 - Photobucket
Jones & Shipman vise

Hi Phil,

Sorry I can't help you indentify the vise. You might have better luck if you repost the question with a title like "Jones & Shipman vise ID question"; the guy(s) that know about J&S vises may not have much interest in Van Norman milling machines. You might also want to include some dimensions to help in the ID. How wide are the key slots in the base? If they aren't an even 1/8 inch wide, that would suggest it's European. I would think that most dimensions, like the base diameter and ID of the pivot hole should be inch rather than mm based.

Do I see numbers stamped in the depressed area near the center?

I'm glad to see that the 1V is finished. How do you like using it?

Hi Cal

Good to hear from you again.My wife has been ill and its been a little hectic.The VN 1v is running well,with 3 axis readout.Another one was sold here in UK with a load of tooling.It went for under £400.If I had the space it would of been mine .Are still busy on lathe and accessories.Regards phil
VN I v

I find the VN 1v one of the better machine I have worked on.Out machines the BP and you don`t have to worry about the feed box breaking.It rips through tool steel with 4 tip rose cutter,and then jump right down to a 2mm slot drill-2500 rpm.Not quite a Huron for removing material.Not as fine as a Deckel.For a machine around 70 years old.She is my baby and still accurate.I can not see many other mills living up to her.A great piece of American engineering. regards phil