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Van Norman 22LU tooling


Dec 15, 2022
Recently purchased Van Norman 22LU trying to figure out tooling. It looks like a a quick switch 300.
the draw bar is 5/8 11 TPI. Any and all help appreciated


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Ohio Mike

Oct 30, 2008
Central Ohio, USA
Sure looks like13 Brown & Sharpe spindle to me. Measurements would tell you. Early units where 13 B&S while later ones where NMTB. The B&S spindle on these is the big turn off as they are otherwise great mill. All nature of adapters have been built for them.


Apr 6, 2013
Damascus, MD
I have two 22L: one (early production) with #2 collets (i.e. Hardinge 50V), the other (late production) with NMTB 50 spindle. I have never heard of any having a NMTB 40 spindle. I thought that the only VN with 40 taper spindles were the very last models.
I have not touched so far the older of my two machines, therefore I am not 100% sure that it is not a B&S 13 spindle with a very tightly planted collet adapter. However, I believe that you could get the machine with one of the three spindles: VN #2 collets, B&S 13, or NMTB 50.

Adapters: I believe that it is probably the only machine using B&S taper, therefore not too much tooling available. You might find adapters to smaller B&S taper tooling. But not much else.
You will be better off making your own adapters, one being rather popular would be for using 30 taper tooling.
If you intend to be able to remove your adapter from the spindle at a later time, it is important to use a hollow drawbar for the B&S 13 and the drawbar for the tooling resting on a shoulder of the adapter (i.e. not further pulling the adapter into the spindle while tightening the tooling).


scatter cat

Oct 7, 2008
Hot Springs Arkansas
Yep you are one of the lucky ones. You have a #13 B&S spindle. Tooling in that size is nonexistent. I have an adapter to go from 13 B#S to 50v that came with my mill. That's to only piece I have. Need to make some #13 B&S to spline adapters so I can use the slotting and high speed heads that came with my mill. Its on the todo list just not very high.