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Van Norman 2RQ overarm arbor support won't move


Dec 3, 2023
I bought a Van Norman mill Model no. 2QR Ser. no. 3-34-3106-765. I can't get the overhead ram too move after releasing the binders. Is this gear driven some how? I don't see any way to move it with a crank or is it manual just by pushing it . The manual doesn't say how to move it. Maybe it's just stuck. I don't want to damage anything trying to get it to move. Any help is appreciated.
Thanks alot
We're talking about the ram the head is mounted on, not the overarm arbor support, right?
On a VN #28/38 (and presumably 24/34 and 26/26, so I'd sort of expect a 2R to be similar), there are two binders and a pinion that drives a rack. The pinion shaft on my machine is more-or-less between the binder shafts and slightly lower. When I got my #28A, the rack was almost entirely clogged with chips and the ram would only move an inch or so. My initial impression was that it was corroded in place. It took me a day or two of gradually moving the ram as far as possible in one direction, cleaning out as many chips as I could, then moving it in the opposite direction and repeating. Eventually, I got the full range of motion back.
Crouch down a little and look at the bottom of the ram inside the column. If the 2R/2QR has a rack, you should see it between the ram dovetails.
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Here's a link to a manual for the 2R:
There are two binders and a shaft for the crank that runs the rack gear to move the ram. They are located at the top of the column, on the left side and above the electrical access panel. The same hand crank is used to loosen the binders and turn the crank-shaft. See item #6 on page 2 of the manual. Instructions for releasing the overarm are on page 12. The 2RQ ram is the same way.
Hi Guys, thanks alot for the info and manual location, (I downloaded it, great site). The head ram the head is on works great, I'm having trouble with the overhead adjustable arm for the arbor supports I can't get it to slide and don't see how to move mechanically. I loosen the 2 binders on that and it doesn't move. Numbers 1 & 2 on page 2 , 2 & 3 on page 3 of the manual . Thanks alot
I've never seen one of these in person, so I can't be a lot of help. The parts drawing on page 19 doesn't show a rack mechanism, like the overarm, nor does it show a gib. My guess is that it's stuck in position from sitting too long without moving.
You might try backing off the binder bolts (part 24-1132) a few turns, then give the bolt a couple of taps to pop the binder clamps (part 24-1131) away from the dovetail on the overarm. You can squirt penetrating oil into the binder holes and onto the exposed parts of the dovetails, then let it sit for a day or two. Maybe try using a Pony pipe clamp to apply some gentle force to get it moving.
The head ram the head is on works great, I'm having trouble with the overhead adjustable arm
Which is why I asked which we were talking about... No, there's no rack on the overarm arbor support. Patience, lube and a large deadblow hammer, as Cal Haines suggests.
Hi guys, thanks alot for info. I didn't want to harm anything by beating on it if there was some kind of gear drive. Patience and some oil is the order of the day and maybe a hammer as suggested. I appreciate the input, now back to getting it working.