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Van Norman Perfecto Boring bar for sale/Trade Sacramento, CA $1000


Mar 24, 2014
Sacramento, CA
Hi All
Selling an antique bar from my collection here in Sacramento.
I would like to trade for a Kwik Way bar that will work in the range this bar does not.
From my work with this old machine I can sneak it down to 71mm, but its a tight fit. I regularly bore cyls from 50-76mm and would like a bar to meet that range.
I am not very in tune with the VN bars. The cats paw operation always throws me off after using a test dial when centering. I added bearing supports on this bar after a full teardown and clean up last year.
I have used it 1 time. I really don't need this machine.

Asking $1000 - make sure you call me if you want a fast response. Here is the craigslist ad: LINK