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VDF Lathe Spindle Shutting Off


Hot Rolled
Jun 30, 2004
Brampton Ontario Canada
We have a 1996 VDF DUS 800 lathe with a Siemens 805 control at work. It’s old, but new to me and nobody else knows how to run it. If I program G96 S500 M3 then G00 WHEREVER in a separate block, the spindle will shut off. If I program the same information in one block, it stays on and works as it should for the remainder of the program unless I program two subsequent blocks with G00 in them. Unless I add S500 (or any other speed) to the second subsequent block with G00 in it, the spindle will again stop. WTF? I have a Siemens programming manual for the machine and this quirk does not conform to the format in the manual. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance, Glenn