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Vertical grinding machine, C AXIS PROBLEM


Sep 16, 2023
Hello, I am commissioning a vertical grinding machine and I have serious problems with the C axis.
The table gripped, and has been replaced with a new table and motor.
The table is already installed in the pit, and mechanically it is fine (it is a hydrostatic table and it rises to its respective value when power is given and it turns well by hand)
Now, when setting the axis, the pole search has worked well for me (it consumes me the same when turning it to one side as it does the other, but when I try to do the tuning I can't get it to not consume me when it is stopped.
When the machine has power and the table is stopped, in the SCREEN FUNCTION DISPLAY I can see in the SERVO TUNING section that the current oscillates (CURRENT (A) 4-10amps and CURRENT (%) 10-20%).
I have tried doing everything in tuning in servo guide, I have played with the LOOP GAIN and VELOCITY GAIN, I have tried with another regulator, with other power and encoder cables and NOTHING. The oscillation does NOT go away.
I have been looking at the backups of this machine and I only have one parameter that does not match me, p2021, which at first was set to 12544 and now to 9984.
Everything makes me think that it will have a mechanical or factory or electrical problem.
Thank you so much!


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