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Vertical Head Drive Gear, K&T and possible others

Don Kinzer

Cast Iron
Mar 18, 2002
Portland, OR USA
I recently picked up a universal vertical head for my K&T 2CHL. In the process of getting it fitted to the machine, I ended up with an extra drive gear that matches the diameter, pitch and tooth count of the gear that I actually used. It is 32 teeth, spiral cut with a diameter of approximately 4.2" and it is slightly less than 1" thick with a center hole about 1-1/8" in diameter. The mounting holes are not the correct spacing for the spindle on my 2CHL - they are evenly spaced on a 1.9" diameter circle and are counterbored for 5/16" socket head cap screws. Also, the drive dogs on the gear are too large to fit the spaces on my 40 taper spindle. On the gear that I actually used, I cut pockets in the back of the gear to fit over the drive dogs on the spindle so that I don't have to take the dogs off to mount the gear.

I believe that this gear has the correct size, tooth count and pitch to fit the K&T 2HL as well as the 2CHL. It may be able to be fitted to other models or even other makes - that would be for you to determine.

I would sell this gear for $300 including shipping to a U.S. address. See the photos for details. The third one shows how this gear compares to the one I'm using on the 2CHL.


Hobby Shop

Hot Rolled
Mar 20, 2014
Don, I’m interested but I’ll have to figure some things out. Can you measure the drive key width and the mounting hole distances? It sounds like the gear fits a 2H 50 taper machine. The 2HL and 2H attachments are close in size and weight and some parts are interchangeable between the two machines.

I need a gear for my 2CHL High Speed light universal.