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VF-2SS X axis power up


May 19, 2023
I have a 2021 VF-2SSYT. On startup, the X axis drives against the hard stop often for as long as 30 seconds. The Y axis doesn’t do this, and it seems like the X axis didn’t take this long originally. I feel like this isn’t how the home routine is supposed to work, but I don’t have a machine to compare to.

Is it normal for an axis to drive against a hard stop for an extended time during power up?

Is it possible that a sensor, or maybe a slip clutch, needs to be adjusted?

I don’t know how the control system is finding home, but two ways could be a physical home sensor, or drive against a hard stop and look for a torque peak in the motor controller. I’m guessing the latter, but maybe they are doing something different. Any clues are appreciated.
Good info. I’ll check the X-axis proximity sensor next week and report back.

Thanks :-)
So I opened the way cover yesterday and had a look. Everything was clean inside and no obvious problems. The sensor actuates properly to metal. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to observe the sensor with the table moved to the home position without taking off a bunch more covers, and I ran out of time.

If this keeps happening, I’ll likely set up a service call. Thanks for the tips :-)