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VFD Requirements for Garden Shredder 1 phase - 3 phase


May 28, 2024
Hi everyone

I have just purchased a 3 phase Viking AD3064S Wood Chipper and need to select an appropriate VFD.

Existing Supply at property
Input Power 220v Single Phase

Required Supply for machine
Output Power 400v 4.7KW Three Phase

VFD Link

I have attached photos of the
data plate.

Many thanks your advice is much appreciated.


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Seems like a good idea to figure out a power supply before you buy the piece of equipment.
Where do you live ? no idea where Menorca is.
If your power supply is 220 volts, and you need 400, then you'll need a transformer.
Cheap Chinese VFD's can give you a lot of problems.
Look for a quality name brand with good technical support.
Have you considered switching out the motor to single phase ?
Most American 3-phase motors can be wired for either 220 or 440 volts, by rearranging internal connections. Is this possible on the motor you are using ?
He is on one of the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean (technically the Balearic sea in that location ), off the coast of Spain. He therefore has "220V" 50 Hz (probably 230V).

The motor may be re-wirable to 220/230V by changing from wye to delta connections inside the wire compartment.

The power is generally too large to use a VFD which has 220V in and 380/400V out, and that particular VFD is not that type..
Looking at all the labels pictured, there is nothing that suggests the motor can be re-connected for a different voltage.

However, the motor itself would determine that. None of the labels seem to be the motor. One is for the machine itself, one is for the motor protection, and one seems to involve a brake system.

If the motor can be re-wired, it should have a connection box with (typically) six studs to which the wires can be attached, inside it.

However, it is unknown what other things in the machine may need to be powered. The motor protector clearly says 400V, which may mean it is not suitable for the increased current at 230V, for instance.

It seems likely that the machine is made for 400V, and only 400V. That is very reasonable, since 400V is the standard 3 phase voltage for a 230 V single phase system.

If there is no single phase version of the machine, there seems to be a problem.

Presumably, this is not a problem that has never been seen before. Does the shop selling the machine have any suggestions?

If there was no other solution, it would take a suitably rated 3 phase transformer to raise the 230V 3 phase to 400V.