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Victor 400x750 lathe timing belt?


Cast Iron
Dec 6, 2016
Xinjhuan District, New Taipei City
I just bought a new to me Victor 400 x 750 lathe.

When I opened the cover on the head stock I find timing belts driving the gearbox instead of regular gears!

Any reason why they would use timing belts? Is it so there's no backlash?

There are the standard change gears but it's 25T, 52T, 52T, 70T timing belt pulley, with a chart of various other timing belt pulleys to use in place of a to get various metric threads... (Yes I know one of the drive belt is worn, and it will be replaced).



Cast Iron
Mar 24, 2014
Riverside County, CA
I have close to the same model lathe other than mine is older as it does not have the emergency stop switch like yours. The only reason I can see that someone would replace the gears with belts is noise. All the gears for this lathe are still available new from Victor, so it can't be a case of needing to replace a worn gear that they could not get.

When the gears are engaged they are noisy even with lube and all the gears on mine were replaced with new ones when it was rebuilt 10 years ago. The new and old gears were both noisy!

Here is what it should look like.


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