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VM2 auger drain holes


Feb 18, 2021
So I start operating VM2 mill in out shop nothing fancy more less button pusher (after all I am FANUC lathe guy), I noticed quite interesting thing with auger design. It have drain holes which will be filled by chips (we do lot of smaller aluminum parts as third op on mill), experienced setup up guy which works on machine from day one (over 10years) will clean them using small screwdriver and would use hose for cleaning machine, something which wasn't mentioned to me :D so I got nice pool in machine when add coolant.

While this cleaning procedure works, it only open holes but there is still lot of chips behind those holes, do you have any tip how to remove this chip or it is just "feature" of this auger design?


Hot Rolled
Dec 11, 2013
Alberta canada
Ive heard of a 3D printer wiper that installs in the auger.

My issue is not plugging, but allowing chips through the holes and into the coolant sump.. I have a screen on top the sump but some jobs are just right sized chipped that the screen fills right up and overflows coolant on the floor… lake…
Always large roughing jobs with a kennmetal kor5 I need to watch out for. Great endmill tho!


May 11, 2017
Minneapolis, MN, USA
IME Haas machines are just bad at coolant and chip handling. You've really got to stay on top of them and finagle things to keep them from peeing all over the floor. I just got a 2017 CM-1 to go along with my 2021, and if you open the door too fast it slings coolant and chips all over you and the floor. The sumps on both required modification to actually separate chips from coolant; as stock they don't even try, and just dump the chips into the sump. I ran a VF-3SS for six years before, and that was a bit better, but I still had to stay on top of it or the chip screen would clog up and overflow, and it also let coolant and chips flow through a gap behind the waycovers into the bottom of the casting, which had a tiny drain hole that kept clogging up and causing another overflow.