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VM936E-1 problem


Jun 30, 2017
We have a Baileigh VM936E-1 Mill that we have been having some trouble with. The Pulley on the motor frequently gets loose, loose enough that it drops down onto the bottom of the pulley housing. From all the times it has loosened up and dropped down it has worn a divot in the bottom of the pulley housing, worn away most of the smallest groove at the bottom of the motor pulley(the slowest speed of the mill is unusable), and wore the belt away quite a bit. unfortunately some of the guys operating this mill cant hear the difference between the pulley sitting correctly on the shaft vs. the pulley riding on the bottom of the hosing.
I have to put the pulley back in place about every 2 months give or take a bit based on the amount of usage. The most recent time the pulley loosened up and dropped down the belt shifted up to the next groove in the motor pulley, it also stretched and twisted the key way in the motor shaft, pulley , and key stock. Where do i go from here? Are there pulleys this size available(and what size would i be looking for), is the motor shaft done for?
How do i keep the pulley from falling off the shaft? there is only a key way and 2 small machine screws holding the pulley on. the motor shaft has female threads at the end of it but there is no hole on the pulley for a bolt to go through.
This machine is only used as a drill press with absolutely zero milling.

Thank you in advance


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