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VMC 1000/22 DX-32 Bridgeport - "Spindle Error"


Dec 15, 2010
Canada, Alberta
Having trouble with my old (1998) Bridgeport VMC 1000/22. It has been a pretty decent machine for me (had it about 4 years).

The spindle keeps tripping off ("AM Spindle : Spindle Error"). Sometimes the machine will run for half an hour, sometimes only a couple minutes. Sometimes it happens in association with a tool change, sometimes while cutting - the machine is very lightly loaded (load meter is typically about 5%). I can restart from the last tool change - the machine will run through the cycle with no issue (might trip at a different location). I have to restart the drives, lift the tool out of the work piece, "re-home" or even "re-load" the tool changer carousel. The spindle Seimens Sumidrive 611 display shows F09. I could not find a source on-line for what that error codes means.

Any tips / pointers to trouble shoot would be appreciated.
Part of what makes this frustrating is that sometimes the machine runs great. After posting the above note, sitting down for a bite to eat - I restarted and the machine ran great for 2 hours (to end of day). My power source may be part of the problem as I'm running off a 100A-240 single phase supply (with a 20HP PhasePerfect to the machine). There are other machines starting and stopping on the same three phase source, but the tripping does not seem to be related to other activities.

One thing that seems weird is the Parameter 15.1 - that you adjust so that the spindle is stationary when you request a speed of zero RPM, I have to adjust it every couple months. Is that normal?

How likely is it that I just have a tired old drive and it needs a rebuild?

The link worked great, quite a substantial document!