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VMC 650 with GSK 25i control system, anyone that has worked with GSK 25i?


Jul 21, 2021

I recently purchased a VMC 650 mashine from China with a 4th axis and a GSK 25i controller.
I have about 10 years experience from the hobby side starting with Mach3 etc.
Currently I am using Fusion 360 for CAD/CAM.

Unfortunately I did not realize exactly how limited information is regarding the GSK 25i controller.

Even though I have the full English documentation the system is somewhat archaic in some regards and I would greatly appreciate some help getting past the first hurdles to start making parts.

I also have a TTC200 tool setter with only Chinese documentation that I am trying to get up and running. Hopefully I can get English documentation for it.

I will level the machine tomorrow and start measuring table flatness since it was also damaged during shipping. Hopefully everything is still straight.

After that I am looking to get simple programs running, preferably using a post in Fusion 360.
Next step after that is tool setting and tool changing.

Anyone here that has worked with a GSK 25i before?


Jul 21, 2021
What I have found with Chinese controllers is they seem to emulate early Fanuc in programing.

Hello rick

Yes, I have found the same. I currently use a generic Fanuc post for Fusion 360.
But I have a feeling that I will have to make some updates to the post later on.

Most of the machine is up and running but there are some issues left.

I still cannot for the life of me understand how the tool changer is really supposed to work.
I can use it for tools 1-16 in their fixed slots in the magazine.
I understand that it is operating in fixed mode and not using dynamic slots, all good so far.
But I cannot find where I tell what tool number is in what slot.
So right now I am effectively limited to 16 tools or to reprogramming tools between runs...

I am sure it is in there somewhere, but the manual is not exactly clear on that point and I cannot find it in any of the system settings.
(hundreds of pages with variables, I literally spent hours looking through them)
Might be in a db file, some of them are not in a readable format when checking them on my pc.
For some reason the support guy from the machine builder cannot fathom what I am trying to do.
Despite good English and being pretty helpful about other things.

The next issue I have is the tool setter. I have followed the instructions from the machine builder.
Checked all the variables used, but for some reason the tool measurements make no sense to me.
A tool that should be around 136 mm long from spindle face is saved as ~31 mm long.

I am sure I don´t have the right macro, or that something is wrong with the settings/macro.
However, despite some prior programming knowledge the macro code itself is not something I can make sense of right now.
I have reviewed all the settings and measurements several times, and they match the instructions provided.

I do know that the TTC200 tool setter from Pioneer should come with working macros, but I am having trouble getting a proper response on this issue from the machine builder.
I have also contacted Pioneer directly, will see how that goes, but no real response to my first mail earlier.

I will probably learn the macro syntax good enough within a month to fix it myself, but I would rather spend my time on other issues instead of things that should work already.

If anyone has any input or experience with these, feel free to let me know :)