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VMX42i spindle and toolchange position

Deckel Fan

Jun 14, 2006
Hi folks,
I have a 42I with a dead spindle. Due to long wait times from Hurco I must change the spindle. I normally do DMG machines so the Hurco is not my favorite.
It is a 2016 model with winmax controle and Yaskava drives.
I have two questions:
How can I adjust the tool change position of the Z-axis and the spindle orientation?
Can anybody of you help me?
Kind regards
If I remember correctly, the adjustments are made in the auxiliary menu, under the advanced soft key.
You will need to enter the code '46268' (Hurco's zip code) to get into the advanced menu.
There you should be able to modify the T/C height and spindle orient.
Also if the spindle is a high torque model, you may need to change the rpm ratio (mine is 1:1.1)

Hopefully Scott (@ Hurco) will chime in and correct or confirm my info.

Hi Doug,

thank you very much I have been to holidays so sorry for my late reply. I have changed the spindle bevor you posted and had to trick out the Hurco out a little bit.
But the Z Axis change position is off a little bit. I will change that this week. Thanks for your help.