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Vogel lube unit issue and Haas dissing Vactra

Martin P

Aug 12, 2004
Germany in the middle towards the left
I have a Vogel unit that does not build up pressure. All looks good, tiniest gears I ever saw outside of a wristwatch.
Something must be off and next I will measure the pressure. All parts available no problem and eventhough I have several on a shelf too, but would prefer to fix this one, so I will not put a bad unit on a shelf too.

So I was just surfing the nets on lube units and found the below. I also have a Bijur unit and find them toy-like in comparison to a Vogel unit. Also the mini sheat metall gear box on a Bijur seems suspicious to me. Even Haas below mentions them as a change item.

But I am posting this for the Vactra warning at 3:29

I do find it surprising and wonder if that statement is a more common consensus or an outlier opinion.

Look at a serious diss at 3:29

Rebuild Your Bijur Oil Pump - Haas Automation Service - YouTube

Possibly the Mobile manager just beat the Haas manger at Golf the other day and this is payback?


Jul 6, 2006
Hillsboro, New Hampshire
That warning about Vactra 2 has been around for a while (years), and has to do with either paraffins or other oil components consolidating out of solution and causing clumping of solids to occur. This can lead to clogged lines.

Those of us with older Haas mills should purge or replace oil lines when doing any serious R&R on the machines. Could save us from premature wear on linear ways...


Sep 25, 2011
Garbsen, Germany
Hi Martin,

My J&S 540 surface grinder has a lubrication pump (not Bijur) which drips oil on the vertical leadscrew and in some other places. When I got the machine, the pump was not working. I took it apart, and found a similar toy-like motor. After learning the price of an official replacement motor (I think it was about 600 Euro) I looked on the internet and purchased three new motors for 15 Euros. I did need to pull a brass gear off the shaft of the old motor and press it onto the new one. Since then, the pump has worked properly. I completely agree with you that putting one of these cheap motors at the heart of the central lubrication system is a false economy. None of the other motors on the grinder (spindle, hydraulic, DC crossfeed, coolant) has failed, although I did replace the coolant pump which was made of pot metal and had corroded badly.