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VTC-16B Tool changer locked up

Dec 10, 2014
I have a 1998 VTC-16B with an Mplus control. During a tool change operation, my air compressor failed to deliver enough volume to the machine, which caused it to stop in mid operation.
What I have now is, the machine's spindle is elevated above the umbrella, the umbrella is extended and the drawbar is closed, as in, it's not letting any air through it.
I tried shutting the machine off, bleeding the air out, then manually pushing the umbrella back, but it only returned once again after air pressure was supplied.
I am unable to get it to move to "Home 1" or "Home 2" in any axis.
After spending hours scouring through the books, I cannot find any information that would help me get this machine out of this lockup.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, as I am at a total loss at this point.


Dec 17, 2012
Maybe this will work, maybe not. In the fusion control the very first thing to do is command the ATC cover to open (MACHINE key). That cover needs to be either fully open or fully closed. Otherwise the machine will not know where the cover is and lock up.
We had the same thing happen and I went through everything with the Mazak tech on the phone. In my case the tool was clamped in the spindle and also in the magazine, magazine extended. Nothing we tried would work. Then I noticed the magazine cover resting on the pull studs of tools in the umbrella. It looked fully open until you looked specifically at the cover sides, very little clearance there and you may not notice it. ATC command to open cover and all went well after that.