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W&S SC-32 Year by serial number


Cast Iron
Jun 16, 2016
Alberta, Canada
Hi everyone I know there are several threads asking similar questions about W&S machine year but I need this information ASAP.

I have a big Warner and Swasey SC-32 coming (Importing to me in Alberta, Canada) and I'm trying to figure out what year it is, Serial 2574959.
In another thread someone said that Giddings and Lewis are the people to contact for information like this - Does this apply to the larger SC-32 CNC lathes too?

I look forward to having this machine in my shop, it's a beast! I estimate it's a 50,000lb machine. The seller said it has a 18 spindle bore, which I'm skeptical of, but it has at least a 12 1/4 bore, and a 32in Schunk pnuematic chuck, with a 7in integrated boring bar on it's own CNC controlled slide that can index multiple tools on the end of it, as well as another CNC controlled turret for OD tooling. The machine uses a Fanuc 18TT control so both can move independently like newer twin turret machines. Perfect for some of the work I come across here.


Dave @ Nerv