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Wade 8a #407

Looks great Darren! VFDs are magical devices. A big part of that is learning the programming and using all the various remote switching options.
Some models have remote control pads available, which helps to unclutter the machine. I mounted my most recent VFD inside a rear compartment of my Logan lathe. Teco doesn't offer that for the Teco, and if they did it would not look Vintage. I like your solution a lot.
Thanks Rex!! They are and I agree, the remote would be great, but..... in this case, I do want the fashion AND function. :)

Looks great!
A foot or two of Greenfield would work to protect the wiring. Probably no need for Sealtight conduit. VFD would be happier and have a longer life if installed in an enclosure.
Enclosure is on the list. I've various solutions that look period correct. Here's one example. Image courtesy of Vintage Machinery.org.

However, I'm wanting something a bit more stylish... This is about the only image I can find of a Wade 8a with oak cabinet and a cover on the left side. This cover includes some louvers and has a nice period correct/art deco feel that I would LOVE to replicate.... I wish I could find a better image.