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Wade 8a motor drive clutch adjustment?


Mar 19, 2004
Princeton, NJ USA
After nearly 2 decades I finally got my Wade lathe powered up. I have the version with a lever at the top of the headstock that shifts the belt on the pulleys. Interesting system and so far it isn't 100% reliable. But the real question I have is how to adjust the clutch. I haven't seen one like this before and I can't find any documentation for it. Note the small slit with a pin, is that a lock? Truthfully I haven't messed with it as it looks delicate and I don't want to wreck it. It seems to need adjustment as when spinning up it takes a while to get up to speed.

Has anyone played with something like this?



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I THINK I have the piece you're talking about. If so, I'll try to get pics/video of it this weekend. Not in "action" and MAYBE in pieces. But.... pieces is gooder!
Noone knows about this clutch? It doesn't have any makers name, maybe the motor manufacturer made it, Peerless? I'll see if I can break it this weekend!
I think they were Twin Disc clutches, but Wade was fond of running production changes so anything is possible. I've never had to mess much with them, so am unfortunately not a lot of help, but I can provide photos if you need any.