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walker like no other


Jun 1, 2004
this all started when mr. sable purchased a Eco. no. 35 walker pistol April 2 1950 from a mrs. dyer whose husband found it in an abandon adobe around san pasqual in

about 1902 . mr. sable owned the pistol tell july of that year it was sold to a mr. bomar in texas but not before a mr. r.d. weaver a gun shop owner in san diego were the

pistol was sold to mr. bomar had control of the pistol for 5 minutes so he could have bragging rights to say i owned a walker . ok so enough of all this boring stuff its all in

lt. col. robert d. whittington the third . book the colt whitnyville-walker isbn 0-9613049-0-1 . the real reason for all this is in the short time my friend mr. sable owned this

pistol he had a friend that was a draftsman at convair i think it was that made up a set of exact prints down to the last pin . i was just given today the paper work you see in

these pic's most of the drawings are by pencil and a bit faded but there is a fragment of a nice pen and ink drawing and there is a bill of sales from mrs.dyer to mr. sable

for the pistol so with the drawing there was a pawn shop owner in el cajon that was a machinist he took the prints and made three pistols down to the gain twist rifling with

the understanding that mr. sable would get one about the other two i don't know but over the years i told mr. sable that was a collector of many fine high class firearms

that out of all his guns there was only one that i liked and that was the walker about a year ago mr. sable died he was about 96 he was truly the salt of this earth i miss

him so i get a call about a month after his passing from his fellow collector and friend of the family if your going to be there i want to stop by he would do that time to

time to drop off some reading material well this time he dropped off the walker and just like now as i am typing this there was tears in my eyes out of all my guns this is

right up there with dads colt first gen. SA that he used when he was in the thumbusters with the late great eldon carl and the funny thing is mr.sable was the one that

hired eldon in the san diego sheriffs dept. yup some would say its just a copy that's true one of three made by a craftsman from a set of exact prints that had the skills

to pull it off and there is not one mark anywhere on it and back in 1950 way before all the import stuff so to me its priceless

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