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Want a 70… hard to find. Alternatives?


Oct 27, 2023
I am building a new prototyping shop, and really have been looking hard for a useable bench top 70 in the Midwest, but I’m not having much luck.

Would anybody here have any thoughts on finding one, or even alternative options for a small and accurate turret lathe intended for regular use? Bonus points if you can point me to something I don’t have to get into bidding wars to find tooling for.

I have a buddy with a 70 and I have grown to love it… wish there were more on this side of the pond!
The 70 turrets are around there, and they can be adapted to other lathes. In my case an old pratt whitney 7" bench lathe. Works so well I hardly ever use my 9" hardinge turret machine. Adapter plate made, and I butchered the poor thing by boring it up for 5/8 tooling.
You could look at the other side of the pond
Importing is not too big of a deal
I have nothing to offer right now
If you were looking for a milling machine about the same size and quality I can help
I have several Aciera F1 and even a late Sixis S1101