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Wanted - 1-1/4" arbor for Nichols Horiz. Mill

It will take 40 taper tooling, and can adapt NMTB, CAT or BT given appropriate drawbars. I've not seen an OEM Nichols arbor, but I think they use a pin driven thru the side of the nose into the arbor to lock it. I use a socket capscrew in one of the threaded holes on the spindle nose to engage the lugs on NMTB and CAT tooling- would work fine for most any arbor too.

The biggest problem with equipping it with an arbor is the stub, the OEM overarm support wants a 9/16" pilot and a short arbor (approx 9 inches, at most 12" or so). A DIY support that accepts running bushings is certainly feasible, I have drawings for one myself... just have to get to making it one of these days.


Arbor size

My mill takes a 40 taper with 9/16 pilot and can handle up to 12" long arbor but shorter is OK. Let me know if you have one and what you want for it.


I have an OEM 1" Nichols arbor. As Greg wrote, the head is cross-pinned, the pin being driven by cap-screws in the spindle nose. The pilot is 9/16. It's pretty short; about 7 inches or so.

I'd be happy to take measurements (or pictures) if you need them.