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WANTED: "The Pearson Indicator"

Oct 18, 2016
Santa Monica, CA
Straight to the point: I want to buy this test indicator. called: "The Pearson Indicator"

Pictures will be at the bottom of this post.

If you have one, I want to purchase it.

If you locate one, and it leads to a purchase, or confirmation of an unknown example, I will pay a finders fee for the help.

I am more than willing and ready to acquire this gage, and I am able to work with you on the price.

Additionally, I am looking for information about the old tool manufacture who invented this indicator

So, to start, I am trying to find information about a machinist: Ivar L Pearson. Pearson was the inventor and manufacture of a unique type of. The earliest known evidence of his business was an advertisement from 1931, from the newspaper: “Inside Facts of Stage and Screen”. His advertisement read:

“‘Machine Shop’

Ivar L Pearson, Expert Machinist

Repair All Kinds of Machines

Pattern Work—Experimental Work


No Job Too Small

HOllywood 7619 1356 N. Western

The next known mention of Pearson was on September 15, 1941. Pearson submitted an application for a patent on September 15, 1941.

On February 15, 1944, the application was granted. It was confirmed and announce in the periodical “Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office”, volume 559, page 465, February 1944.

His patent was for a metrology tool that he had invented. The patent number is US2341809A. This new tool was called: “Pearson Dial Indicator” or “Pearson Finger Type Dial Indicator”

The Pearson indicator at first glance resembles the indicator similar to the “H. A. Lowe's” “Last Word” indicator, which was owned and manufactured by the L. S. Starrett Company

Here is the patent number and link for the indicator that Pearson invented, and was submitted in 1944: The Patent Number is : US2341809A

And if posting a link is allowed here, here is the link to the patent:


Additionally, I am trying to find any information about the M. & G. Instrument Co. and later known as MAGICO, which was located and operated in North Hollywood California, who advertised and manufactured the indicators for Ivar Pearson at some time after his personal & initial product run. They marketed and promoted the indicator in several industry periodicals throughout 1957 from the research I have done. I have not found any information before or after 1957.

Interestingly, I found a single advertisement in the periodical “Tooling & Production” published in May 1957 marketing the indicator. I have not found any other connection to this company, and no information about them either.

Any help and information would be greatly appreciated.

Please post or contact me if you have this indicator, or know of someone who has one.

Again, I am willing to pay a finders fee leading to a purchase, or potential confirmation of one

If you want to, pm me and I can give you my cell number if that is easier than, PMs here

Thank you in advance,

---Spyke, Towers Metalworks

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