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Jan 25, 2005
Victoria, Texas, USA
The Wanted Section

Please be specific and describe the part as well of you can if it is not obvious. Dimensions, catalog photos, placement and purpose will all help those of us with "spare parts" boxes to figure out what it is. List the model and style (ie Series I or II, J or 2J,) and post a photo of the broken part if that is what you have.
Don't assume anyone knows the part you are talking about...assume it is some old lady in another country who is searching through her late husband's spare parts box.

If the part is small, please consider the person's time to find it for you and ship it.

If anyone is successful in obtaining their item, please delete your post or ask me to do it, or edit your post to add "found", giving credit to where you found it.

Good Luck!

Edit: 10-23-2022

Any listing that go for longer than one month will be deleted unless the requestor 'bumps" it back to the top.

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