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Mar 19, 2004
Princeton, NJ USA
I see that the "sticky" for Watts Campbell has disappeared. Perhaps the moderator thought that the effort to save WC has failed.

I can now report that we are at a critical juncture in the history and the future of WC.

The effort to obtain a 501 3C non profit has stopped and started and is now in full swing and will be filed before the end of Nov. A new person has taken over from me and has the time and the resources to get this done. Negotiations with the city of Newark are proceeding to gain control of the property after it had gone into their control.

Through the efforts of one very determined member of the Newark Preservation and Landmarks group we have made great progress.

We are now in immediate need of roof and roof structural repairs to the building. Portions of the main machine hall are now open to the sky and winter is approaching, we need to get the place buttoned up so the contents can be preserved and protected.

We can now take donations to fund this repairs needed to the roof.

They are tax deductible and can be sent to:

Newark Preservation and Landmarks Committee
PO Box 22099
Newark, NJ 07101
Attn: Watts Campbell

I would like to stress that we have a long way to go and this is the tip of the iceberg of what our future needs will be if we are to save and operate WC on firm footing in the future. However the need to get the place protected from the elements and keep the building in good structural shape is immediate and critical.

The city of Newark has offered money towards the repairs as have the Newark Preservation and Landmarks group, as well as a few generous donors.

Any help anyone can provide will be greatly appreciated.

If people are not familiar with Watts Campbell below are links to photos I have taken on 2 different occasions:

Watts Campbell May 2013 - a set on Flickr

Watts Campbell, Newark, NJ - a set on Flickr

There is also a facebook page, any "likes" here would help demonstrate interest in the project that would help our case with the local government.


Thank you for your time and consideration.

Paul Pickard
Peter told me about this project while I was up his way, and just emailed me again to remind me about it. I'm quite local, and would like to lend a hand if needed. Translation, I want to play with this stuff. You have my contact info, Paul, please do drop me a line. Thanks.
This is incredible, glad to see that progress is moving forward with this. I cant believe I missed this thread earlier, glad to know about it now. Hope the roof got done, this winter is looking like a bad one.

The roof, unfortunately is NOT done and we all are bummed about it :( Things are still tied up with the city, and other legal matters. It is moving at a glacial pace, but it IS moving and toward a solution. There is some new blood involved and we are making progress.
Thanks for the interest!
Well if I was closer or had some time to slip away from my business I would be standing at the door to help a bit here and there. For now moral support will have to suffice but I will look hard at my schedule and keep checking here for news. You never know what tomorrow might bring.


We are now the Watts Campbell Preservation Society

Watts Campbell - Home

I am no longer serving as President(no hostile takeover, just the best arrangement given time constraints)

A PM member here is now in that role, here is a post he started. I need to get on him about being more active here :)


The non profit has been formed, and we are now really on our way.

The WCPS will have a table at Cabin Fever...please stop by if you are at the show.


I spoke with Charles Taylor at the Cabin Fever Model Engineering Expo last weekend. The W-C Preservation Society has obtained 501(C)(3) status and they are in the process of negotiating with Chad Watts. More info at their web site: Watts Campbell - Home

I wish I could tell you all something, but I am out of the loop now and the person behind it does not post here or even visit. From what I know nothing is really happening. My thoughts years ago were to make a salvage effort to save the best stuff, but that is not happening. I am not happy with this situation but it is what it is.
Last I know of the roof caved in and the inside is at the mercy of the elements. If you check the Google street image of the building you can see the roof through the upper windows. That image is a year old. I am willing to bet no one has fixed it yet. I would also suppose that most of the smaller tools and things that could be taken out are probably also gone by now.


Google Maps
That's a real shame, but too far away and too late for me to do anything.

I sometimes wonder at people, erecting a temporary roof would not have been difficult.

I an see a lot of stuff in there I would love to have, that large planer would be super cool to see running again.

I'd about kill for that overarm support on that 5CK K&T they have in there, mine doesn't have any.
I sometimes wonder at people, erecting a temporary roof would not have been difficult.

The problem with doing anything there is money. to do a half-ass patch on the roof would probably be $50,000.00 At this point everything has been exposed to the weather for so long it's probably a lost cause.
The last I heard was that some stuff was scrapped by the person that Chad sold the building to. Also the city is working towards taking the whole property over.