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Sep 23, 2002
Lawrenceville GA USA
Copied from a recent post

Here are some links I saved during my search to replace some unidentified covers on my machines.

Link apron covers | TSUBAKI KABELSCHLEPP
Aprons & Roll Ups - Flexible Machine Covers | Hennig Inc.
Industrial Roller Blinds by Machine Covers - armoured aprons
Range of Products: EITEC
Way Wipers div of Ameropean way wipers and way wiper parts
Standard Chip Deflectors - Troy Michigan - Bermar Associates
Protective Covers & Equipment Guarding - Dynatect
Flexible Armoured Aprons | Bellows | Machine Guarding | Machine Guards | Way Covers | Mach Guard

Dynatect absorbed a few other companies, including A&A and Gortite.

It's amazing what can be bought if you know where to go. it's also amazing what some of this costs. Having said that, I've repaired and rebuilt a couple guards and pieces of guards and it's amazing what it can take to make even a lightly damaged guard work properly again, and how complex making one fit properly can be with all the little fiddly pieces underneath. I think this is an area where lots of experience pays off in making it work.