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Website with spindle, toolholder, collet dimensions


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Huh? I looked at it just now and everything I looked at showed taper angles, either in degrees, in per foot, or as 7 in 24, at least on the

Machine Tool Shanks (Tapers)

which showed more Milling machine spindle details than I've ever seen gathered in one place, and also on the Lathe Spindle Nose page (a lot less comprehensive, but still useful)

Are you talking about collet tapers?

Great link metl, thanks a bunch !!!!


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I'm sure he'd love to hear from you on this, John; I saw lots of entreaties to contact him with additions or corrections....


I did send a note to Griz, then retracted it here:

Come to think of it Griz, I never saw K&T 30 stamped on the larger ones, just assumed that for two reasons - the small ones WERE stamped K&T 20 and conformed to NMTB 20 taper, while the larger ones conformed to NMTB 30 on the long end, and fit directly in the NMTB 30 spindle taper.

Probably should just ignore my input in my original email to you.

If Galaxy wants to call them K&T 10 even though they fit directly in a 30 taper spindle, that is fine with me :D

John Oder


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Can either of you tell me where I can find a Collet holder for a K & T Model D2 ? I have a tray full of end mills and nothing to hold them. vintage 1943...