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Weight of Older Vs. Newer Hardinge HLV?


Cast Iron
Apr 11, 2005
Nomad, USA (Curr. IL)
I'm offering my HLV-H for sale. It is one of the last of the round-door machines, SN is just under 5000. Probably 1972 build. All features are the same as the newer version except for the smaller cabinet/tray and larger speed control box.

I have seen in older documentation the weight quoted as 1700 lbs. For the SN 5000+ machines with larger cabinet and chip tray and EM gearbox I have seen a weight of 2250 lbs.

Does anyone know what the actual weight is for the older version? Interested buyers are asking me to determine if their trucks have enough capacity.



I'd be surprised if there was that much difference in the weights of the two HLV-Hs, maybe between hlv and hlv-h where extra width of bed casting and bigger Headstock could be the extra weight, and maybe the last hlv-h with 5hp motor and vfd could be heavier.

But, frankly, if a few hundred lb is important , they need a bigger truck!

According to this brochure: Hardinge HLV-H brochure 1968.pdf - Google Drive the round door hlv-h is 1700lb