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Weight specification for 5C collets?


Oct 14, 2010
Oregon, USA
There's a reason I used the phrase "drawn up collet" earlier. Assuming tapers in decent condition, the collet is going to be in intimate contact with both the shaft and the spindle. The jaws aren't going anywhere significantly unless they squish, which would require a greater-than-sane amount of weight. There will be some deflection, sure, but it's going to be on the same order as the spindle's deflection at the forward bearings. In that, I definitely agree with EPAIII.
The short answer to the original question is: "There is no weight specification. That's not a parameter people worry about. Deflection of the collet itself can be approximated using the modulus of elasticity of the collet material, presumably steel. If you were using nylon emergency collets, deflection or damage by crushing/squishing might actually become an issue at sane levels of workload mass."


Cast Iron
Apr 4, 2017
As this has been identified as a "research" project, Sane levels of mass are probably the last thing that can be counted upon.


Hot Rolled
Sep 12, 2004
Sonora , Calif
I have used Rovi 5c expanding collets that go up to hold a 6 inch dia part with no problem. If you don’t know what and how they work I think the are on you tube.
I took a pic of a Rovi 5c expanding collet that will hold up to about 4 inch bore of a part. But they make them to hold up to a 6 inch bore.


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