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Weiler E30 - complete rebuild


May 4, 2023
Hi guys,

I am the happy owner of a Weiler E30 teach in lathe built in 1993. It had about 18000 hours of ON time when it landed in my garage shop, it had an obsolete faulty controller, some issues with the oiling of the Z axis saddle which have caused some wear in the bedways. In about 2 weeks, there are 2 years since I have it and almost a year since I started the rebuild.
I have replaced all the electrics & electronics. I am using linuxcnc + mesa 7i97 + delta drives & motors. Being a software developer, I have made my own flavor of linuxcnc UI specially adapted for the features of this lathe, so that I have kept all the features that Weiler has + some more.
The bed was reground, so basically the bed is in factory like condition. Unfortunately the company that had the bed reground, has messed up the cross slide, so I had to learn scraping and I had another round of surface grinding of the X axis ways.
Since some material was removed from the top of the crosslide, I had to add some turcite to the bottom of the X slide. Now I am in the process of scraping & matching the gib, and I am kinda stuck here.
If any of you have experience with gib scraping & adjustment, please let me know. I will come up with some videos to describe the issue that I have.