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Welcome to Heavy Iron

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Feb 23, 2016
Houston, TX
Welcome to Heavy Iron ! Where we discuss Cincinnati, Brown & Sharpe, Kearney & Trecker, Van Norman, American Tool Works, Pratt & Whitney, Axelson, and other Heavy Iron from the USA.

Odd that Monarch doesn't fall into this category, maybe we should roll it in. Its heavy iron, its American made. . . Oh wait, Cal Haines is holding a shotgun, slowly shaking his head at me. Ha ! Joking Cal, don't look so serious.

Basic rules and courtesies apply:
1) Try to title your thread, so future searchers can find relevant info. Vague titles get annoying and lost in time.

2) Try to stay on topic, especially if you are not the op. Thread drift will happen, but try not to thread jack with endless off topic stuff. Private message or use General for chit chat.

3)Off topic threads are fine, but write O/T or Off topic in title.

4) Joking and friendly ball-breaking are fine, but include :D to keep it light, lol.

5) Personal insults and attacks are NOT ok. They will be met with "interesting and weird punishments".

6) Insults or personal attacks on other moderators will NOT be tolerated. Enhanced versions of interesting and weird punishments will be applied.

Should special circumstance warrant, specialized rules will will be placed here:

Edit 06-04-2022: This sticky had about 2 pages of posts, about 2 years old. I deleted to clean up a little. No malice or intent meant, just a clean up.
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