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welding conn rod

What happened there? Snapped off the rod bolt and
welded the stub to the cap?
Why is the journal scored?
Insufficient torque on the cap let the insert spin?

how would it NOT be scored?! probably just dropped the nut and couldn't bother to look for it...
one of my employees grew up in cuba and came here about 15 years ago (won the cuban lottery - but someone from the states has to send fidel 5k haha)
can't get US parts but can get russian parts. he tells of a 50's buick he had that needed a piston. got a russian piston and rod, cut both rods in half and welded. i says well how long did that last. he says we don't go very fast there so it was ok.

he's not the best welder neither. first time he tried one of my migs he says "dese weld good!". laughing i says try it with the gas on
I asked the question to anyone that actually LOOKED at the pictures.
If you bothered a glance at the pictures they show the end of the bolt isn't there.

good lord dk, lighten up! can't tell when someone is using sarcasm?


trying to say "what's the point of overanalyzing THAT job"!!
surprising it ran as well as it did

when buyer test ran at his shop it smoked--pulled head and ground valves-
no improvement afterward

compression ratio is 24:1--indirect injection
good cylinders create around 350 psi

center cylinder registered 220

this is why he tore down

cylinder 1 had bearing cap weld but normal pressure--crank was scored too deep to permit crank regrind--over .040 metal loss

cylinder 2 rod has a slight dog leg bend which dropped pressure

cylinder 3 --no problem

pistons may be usable

threaded end of rod bolt is thought to have sheared by incompetent technician
with weld repair