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Well Cared-For Hardinge HLV-H For Sale


Cast Iron
Apr 11, 2005
Nomad, USA (Curr. IL)
Owned and cared for by P.M. member since at least 2010, I have owned since 2017. Superb repaint job with proper machine tool paint and all new bearings / belts. Everything works. Converted to operate on 208V+ single phase using two VFD's (clickable link to PM marketplace below photo):


HARDINGE HLV-H 220V 1Ph (VFD), DRO, Very Good Condition

This is one of the last round-door, smaller chip tray HLV-H (SN just under 5000, Apx 1972 build), which along with the VFD conversion make it perfect for small shop / home shop.

Don't miss out! Avoid the crudely repainted overpriced junk the machine tool dealers are selling.

Located in Mishawaka, IN.