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What can I use off of a spare parts Moog?

Adam in NH

Dec 15, 2023
Hello All,

I'm looking for a little help. About a year ago I was lucky enough to purchase both a Clausing 5914 lathe and a 1975 Bridgeport series 1. Both needed/need work, I'm about 85% done with the complete refurbishment of the lathe, and am planning for the future full refurbishment of the Bridgeport. When I looked over the Bridgeport to do an initial assessment of needs, one major part to replace was the ram adaptor. My guess is someone went to lift it and hit the fork of the forklift right into it, cracking the whole bottom of it off (bottom head bolts hanging and all.....) Anyways, I priced a bunch up and all were between $150 (Chinese..) and $300+ (US). During my search, the person I bought the lathe and mill off of said that he sold another person a newer Moog that was built on a series 1 Bridgeport frame, and that the guy that purchased it just wanted the J head that was on it for his mill. I contacted him and was able to get the rest of this moog for super cheap, which has the ram adaptor I was looking for.
Now, there are a couple things I may take off of the moog that I know about to add to my mill like chip covers, etc. but what else can I take off of this. First thing is I know the knees are different. Is one better than the other? what about the screw nut? My mill is sloppy, would the moog have the same one? I just don't know enough about the moogs to know what I can take and use and possibly upgrade my mill with, and what I can't.

Any help would be appreciated. (pictures below. the green one is my mill. and obviously the moog is the moog.)


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