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what is the reliable taiwan`s CNC milling and lathe machines brands ?


Jan 4, 2020
hello dears/

i want to purchase and new cnc machines from taiwan.

so please names the most reliability companys there which i can trust in it .

#1 Your title didn't say live tool lathe.
#2 I was asking of what brands you're already looking at.
Taiwan is the biggest MTB in the world - there's small factories making to print (using a generic design house to design the machines) and then there's companies like Fair Friend Group who are massive and do the lot themselves.
Then there's small swiss style machines with 10mm bar capacity with driven tools, or there's machines with 100mm bore headstock with driven tools.

But sorry, yes, your thread title was clear :rolleyes5:

thanks bro for you reply . i dont mean to be offensive really if you felt that from my side :) i just want good brand and next i will check the required features according to the products i will manufacturing