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What is this tool used for

Graeme Sharp

Jul 24, 2005
Dorset, U.K.
I recently bought a box of old tools and amongst them was a nice boxed item by Jones and Shipman


As you can see from the pictures the set comprises 6 convex 45 degree cutters and two concave 45 degree cutters, together with 5 tapered guide bushes, some mandrels, a brass tap wrench type tool and a brass semi circular piece with adjusting screws.

I think it may be for re-seating some type of valve but would be interested if any of our members knew exactly the purpose of the tool
Looks like a globe valve & stem refacing kit. The semicircular brass piece would have been used to clamp the concave cutter in place, with the middle adjusting screw turned to apply pressure to the valve disc, after the disc was removed from the stem. I think the disc could then be turned with a wrench
Thanks to all for your help in ascertaining the purpose of the tool. I would agree that is is for re-seating globe valves. However, I have taken Steve's advice and asked Jones and Shipman for information on the tool. So far, no reply, but if and when it comes through I will post the reply to keep the members informed.