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what is wrong with program number 31 in Dialog4?


Sep 28, 2002
Salinas, CA USA
I must have tried to upload program 31 to my FP2NC at least 10 times. Each time the display showed _111_%31 and would not go any further, could not get the file to transfer. Reset the serial port on the Mac, restarted the software, all to no avail. Transferred some programs from FP2NC to Mac, no issues. So I changed the program number to 32, and it uploaded fine. Changed it back to 31 and it failed again. Known issue?
Yep, Check the program library (mode 13) to be sure there is no #31 already there...
Control is funny...can double load programs as well that can mess things up..
If you create a program by MDI its possible to transfer the exact same number program via the RS232 port....and then the control does not know which program to execute when you make
that program number active....

Cheers Ross