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What Is Your LEAST Favorite Tool


Jan 16, 2012
Midland, Texas
Everybody has their favorite tools.

Yesterday I used a tool that I absolutely HATE! Hated them for years, hate them now! Yes, I'm talking about a Grease Gun. They're messy to fill, messy to use, hard to bleed the air out of, they get grease in places you don't want grease, it's hard to hold the hose in position while you pump the gun--they're just plain terrible!

Here we are in the 21st century and still don't have a good way to apply grease to moving parts. I wish I could design a new method of greasing machine parts. Rant over.

So, what is you least favorite tool?
Manual lathe: insanely dangerous in both terms of getting caught in the machine and injuries if a part comes loose. Requires large and heavy tooling, can't make very many shapes in its basic form, requires the most configuration changes to do many things (taper attachments, changing gear sets, not having the right chuck), poor control of the precision in the Z direction, not much better in the cross slide. Have to manage the flex of the compound. Steady rests and follower rests. Hate, hate, hate them and my last was pretty nice.

I will always have a universal knee mill but, don't think I'd ever own another manual engine lathe.
Hand grinder

Friend had a wheel shatter, walked up his arm at 3600rpm, cut his arm open and lodged into his forearm. Blood apparently was spurting out, funny part he was more worried about his wife getting the $1k in his wallet then the grinding wheel half stuck in his arm.


Lots of potential with manual lathes to hurt your self, had a few close calls.

NOBODY uses my lathes, not inclined to have to clean human remains of the machines, reduces their value (only kidding! Human life is more important then the value of the lathe :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: )


Any surface, and id/od grinder. Awful machines.