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What is your Quoting Method, and who uses an "automated" Quoting tool like Digifabster?


Jul 23, 2015
East Side / Detroit
I'll try and keep this sharp and to the point with a few questions:
  • What is your Quoting Method currently? Cliff notes version that just outlines who does it, how many people are involved.
  • Is there quoting software involved or a quoting module in an ERP, or is it all human labor?
  • If software is involved, is it an "automated" quoting tool such as Digifabster?
  • If yes, are you happy with it or not?
  • Generally speaking, how would you rank your Quoting environment based on: 1) Volume of quote requests each week/month, and 2) Complexity of jobs being quoted (Complex, Moderate, Simple). I'm going to assume Job Value goes up as complexity goes up.
  • In all cases, are you satisfied with your Quote turn around times and their accuracy?
  • Is there anything about your Quoting Process you'd like to see fixed or changed?
  • How do you evaluate your Quote vs No-Quote decision ratio? Meaning, is there a goal of (as example) 6/10 quote requests should result in approved Quotes?
Again, I don't want to burden anyone with a request for a War and Peace response. Just looking for fast quick answers to assist me with thinking some things through.

Thanks in advance for those who respond, and have a good day.


May 11, 2017
Minneapolis, MN, USA
I look at the incoming job and consider how long it took me to do similar jobs in the past. I generally quote in increments of half a day, unless it's a repeat of a very quick job.


Hot Rolled
Oct 18, 2016
When I get a computer generated quote from a company I delete it and mark the company off my list

Hope that helps you


Feb 8, 2005
Hatch, NM Chile capital of the WORLD
Educated guess based on experience...
And the customer..

Widget A, from customer A.. Scratched out on a piece of note pad paper, and tolerances,
of "It has to fit and it has to work".. No Quoting, No Bullshit, No PO's, No QC.. $10, and
if I drop it off, I'm offered a beer, and I get some fantastic conversation.

Same widget, Customer B, A real print, a quote, a PO... Slight to moderate QC, assembly
done in house.. Basically just has to fit and work.. $25

Same widget, Customer C. A real print, a real quote, a real PO... And a fake due date...
Widget A is welded to Widget B, so why is my due date for Widget A 2 months before widget B????....
And you still don't have widget C, D, E or F..... QC out the ass that gets their little pee pees all
tingling when they can reject something. Ton of paper work, inspection reports, and half the time a fight
to get paid because they tend to lose a lot of invoices.. Same Widget A $300.

"Pain in the ass" multiplier is a real thing.


Mar 11, 2013
+1 on knowing your customer. Margins will vary based on the customer and not always because of the PIA factor.