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What Mathematics Do Manufacturing Technicians Need


Aug 26, 2022
Friends, a number of you have helped us develop and revise a set of survey items as part of our National Science Foundation-funded study. We are grateful.

The study intends to learn what mathematics competencies manufacturing technicians actually need and use in the workplace, as opposed to the mathematics they're taught in school. We are shortly going to survey 5000 manufacturing technicians, instructors in manufacturing technical programs, and applied mathematics instructors to compare their perceptions about the math manufacturing technicians need to be successful on the job. Before we launch the survey, we want to pilot test it to ensure its validity. The intent of the project is to help better align school curriculum with industry needs.

I again am asking for your assistance and now invite you to take the pilot survey. It includes 40 items and should take no more than 30 minutes. We're not asking anyone to do any of the math....only to tell us how relevant the items are and how well you think school prepares technicians to address these kinds of problems on a 1-5 point scale.

We would be sincerely appreciative of your time. That's the truth. We all get a lot of requests to take surveys....in this case, the voices of this community will be taken seriously, reviewed carefully, and are needed if we're serious about enabling industrialists to weigh in on what's taught in school.

Please consider taking the survey online before November 8, 2022 at https://tinyurl.com/manutechnicians .

Happy to answer any questions.

Thank you.

Michael Hacker
[email protected]