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What's the best place online to list machinery for sale?


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Dec 9, 2003
North Freedom, WI, USA
Retirement is on the horizon and I want to cut back in my last couple of working years.

I haven't been active on PM for a long time and I don't want to violate their selling policies. So, I hope it is ok to ask for suggestions for other online places to sell. I've been looking at places like Machinio.com or Machinetools.com. What would you recommend? I already have two machines listed on Craigslist and Facebook but have doubts as to whether those are optimum venues for selling industrial machinery.

I am not interested in working with any used machinery jockeys. Six years ago, one offered $3K for a lathe which I eventually sold for $20K. That kind of ruined my trust in them.

Thanks for your help,

I'm not one to do something first and ask for permission later and I felt that my prolonged absence was not in the spirit of the forum rules.

The big question is "What do I want retirement to look like?"
Right now, I have two machines to sell. In a couple of years, I'll likely have an auction. Then again, there are a few machines I'll probably hang onto until I croak.

I will list the two machines here later this evening. Thanks.
I can't imagine life without at least a couple machines, after having a shop full. I'd feel like a couple limbs were missing.

If you feel REALLY bad about listing machines, just start spreading your knowledge (or lack thereof as is occasionally the case with some) with the rest of us when it's convenient.
Totally depends on what the machines are. People can say what they want but I bought 2 off ebay in the last 8 yrs. Great deals.
I got my Monarch lathe, Doall bandsaw, and Excello mill all off of Craigslist. Hopefully you will have success from it.
Here are links to the two very nice machines for sale:

Nice lathe. I used to have one. I think it cuts module and DP pitches, too. They are solid SOB's with plenty of power. And precision.

It's sort of unusual to see one with feed/speed badges not beat all to hell by some troglodyte that fancies himself a machinist. Maybe indicative of the overall condition?

If you are looking to get that kind of money forget about an auction. Patience pays. Ebay's fee structure may be whack but you can't beat the exposure.